BridgeKIDS includes pre-school and elementary-aged kids in and around the neighborhood centers of The Bridge. After-school activities as well as other opportunities are made available to these children on specific days of the week. During these times, volunteers offer homework help, structured activities, a meal, and mentoring for neighborhood children. Activities go until approximately 6 P.M.

Occasionally, BridgeKIDS take special field trips in the community to locations such as Buena Vista University, area parks, special concerts and more! We love seeing the kids grow academically, spiritually, and in community with one another through consistent support and mentoring.

BridgeKIDS children are provided the opportunity to:

-Improve homework habits
-Learn and improve basic reading and math skills
-Learn to interact more positively with others
-Grow in their faith and understanding of God’s plan for their lives

Looking back…

BridgeKIDS at Seneca, 2011