Youth Programs at The Bridge

In 2009, the vision for The Bridge began with youth at Seneca Center. Buena Vista University students began coming to the center each afternoon to do after-school games, tutoring, and meals for over 20 kids daily. Through these special kids, many more activities and programs were inspired.

Over time, working with youth has stayed foundational to The Bridge but the ministry grew to include adult support and mentoring through HopeRISE and other activities. In this approach, The Bridge remains devoted to youth by supporting the entire family and making the parents the real heroes!


This includes kids in and around Seneca and Tulip Centers. After-school activities, as well as other opportunities are made available to these children.

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Youth Bible Studies

Middle schoolers have their own weekly Bible study groups with adult leaders, activities, and food.

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Summer Camps

Each summer, special camps are offered for young people of all ages.

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